ArmCare Specialist Certification

Become an expert in data-led player development

Generalized programs in training the throwing arm are ineffective and can cause further imbalances and strength deficits. Coaches are seeking ways to individualize, but lack tools and resources until now.

In the ArmCare Specialist course you learn new key metrics evaluated using player-led dynamometry and range of motion testing and how to integrate them into customized programs for your athletes. This education is a must for any coach or clinician who wants to get the most out of their players and advance throwing health, velocity and command.

Course Objectives

A comprehensive online course and an practical seminar on all things pitching

What to Expect

This course is designed to advance assessment and training practices in the sport of baseball to improve throwing arm performance and health teaching you how to individualize your training. Fatigue is the number one injury risk factor associated with throwing arm injuries as it causes weakness and compensation in throwing delivery. A program implemented without assessment may add to fatigue and create further strength deficits that can reduce resistance to throwing stress and cause poor performance.

Arm strength and range of motion are evaluated through 6 important measures focused on relative strength, shoulder balance, strength velocity ratios, arm fatigue, arm recovery and arm readiness. By having advanced knowledge of these ground breaking metrics, coaches, sports medicine specialists and athletes will be able to make the right decisions in adjusting training and workload and establish a strong performance process through our Player-First Approach that organizes observation, communication, implementation and evaluation of data.

Once complete you will be ArmCare Certified and be able to present your credentials publicly and be considered a baseball performance specialist that deeply understands how to monitor the throwing arm and overcome any obstacles in developing players to reach their dreams.

32 videos encompassing the fundamentals of training and programming pitchers

Obtain a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology

Powered by a biomechanics lab that has assessed top prospects and MLB pitchers, learn the key mechanical concepts that should drive your training

Learn how to perform Driveline’s warm-up and recovery protocols and fix common mistakes

Get in-depth breakdowns of Driveline’s throwing drills

Learn the details of how we program athletes and how we structure our training days

Learn the principles of programming that can be applied in year-round training phases

Expand your knowledge base in the live portion of the course, where we review video, mechanics flaws, and drill prescriptions to improve a pitcher’s mechanics

Test your critical thinking skills by reviewing programming scenarios in small groups

Pass the final course and earn a certificate that MLB teams are searching for on resumes

Course Curriculum

What’s include

1. Introduction to Specialist Course

  • Future Vision for Player Development & Scouting
  • How data-led training can make you a better coach
  • Major Causes of the Injury Epidemic
  • Assessment Tools
  • Arm Soreness & Pain
  • Importance of arm strength

2. Monitoring Framework

  • Performance Pyramid
  • Player first approach
  • Observation Types

3. Measurement Strategies

  • Observation Windows
  • Exam Types
  • Exam Frequency
  • Range of Motion Tests
  • Strength Tests
  • Data Capture Features

4. Key Metric & Action Alerts

  • Relative Strength
  • Shoulder Balance
  • Strength Velocity Ratio
  • Arm Fatigue
  • Arm Recovery
  • Other Metrics to Consider

5. Coaches Portal Overview

  • Technology Summary
  • Coaches Portal Screens
  • CSV Review
  • Future of the Coaches Portal

6. Advanced Decision Making

  • Data-Led Coaches Adjustments
  • Decision Making Matrices

7. Velocity Enhancement Training Checklist

  • Survey Questions
  • Athletic Performance Measures
  • Objective Strength and Range of Motion Criteria

8. Data-Led Training

  • Training Blocks
  • Iron Scap
  • Equipment
  • Customization rules
  • The Future of Data-Led Training

8. Team/Facility Intergration

  • Equipment Needs
  • Exam Setup
    • 1 ActivForce for every 10 players
      • For fresh & post
    • 1 ActivForce for every 2 players
      • For Arm Primer
    • Plyo Boxes- Strength
    • Wall w/ Lines- ROM
      • Use level- every 2” with dot for the elbow
    • Training Setup
      • 1 Training Kit for ever 2 players
    • Remote Players
      • ActivForce & Training Kit for each player

9. Onboarding Players & Coaches

  • Coaches- Need to take this course
  • Organize players into teams/small groups and watch these videos
    • Player Onboarding Video- Why & What
      • Tonal
      • Benefits- How will this help me
    • Exam Training Video- How
    • Warm up Video (shoulder activation) 
  • Complete 1st Fresh (Quick) Exam
    • It okay if players are in a slightly fatigued state
  • Practice / Train
  • Complete Post Throw Training

10. Team Roadmap

  • Flow Chart showing training/game days
  • Sample Spreadsheet
    • Player, role, days (game/training)
    • Warm up, primer/exam, plyo care, throwing program, practice, post exam (yes/no), post training
  • Time Commitments

11. Course Summary

  • Section Review
  • ArmCare U
    • Certificate- ArmCare Specialists
      • Accreditations (NATA, NSCA etc.)
    • ArmCare Elite Membership
    • Discount on Training Equipment and Dynamometers
  • Thank you

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