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Insider Training Secrets to Increase Your Velocity From a Baseball Performance Specialist.

If you're looking to take your baseball performance training to the next level, you need to watch this video. You'll learn one strength training technique from a top baseball performance specialist that almost no one is utilizing as a part of their velocity training. And it's based on tips provided to a professional player…

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The ArmCare Road Show Goes to UCONN

Strength in Numbers #64 Last week I talked about a multi-dimensional approach to integrating ArmCare technology, creating customized training, and throwing programs across multiple sports.    Our last stop at UCONN was impressive, to say the least, and we had just about every athletic therapist and strength coach they have in the school, along with baseball coaches Josh…

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The ArmCare Road Show Goes to the University of Florida

Strength in Numbers #63  I first wanted to thank everyone who reads our newsletters.  This past month has been so rewarding to receive emails from people who are learning new things, applying, asking questions, and being engaged.    For anyone in any industry, the feeling of being recognized and appreciated is such an excellent feeling, and our company is truly grateful for sharing those sentiments.   We typically don't make people’s…

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