Ben Brewster with Tread Athletics (More Than Velocity #14)

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This week we get deep into baseball training with a man who is building strong arms by the masses. Ben Brewster is the co-founder and president of Tread Athletics, the author of Building the 95mph Body, and is still putting himself to work to learn how to best help players avoid the setbacks that he had encountered during his playing career.

You can learn more about Ben Brewster and Tread Athletics here:

Show Notes:

12:37 Importance of Daily Logs

17:37 Hydration & Carbs

22:32 Body Mass link to Velocity

24:59 In-Season Training: (

32:07 Not Competing Year-Round

40:47 Stride Length

49:10 Trunk Rotation & Inverted W

51:17 Variability & Injury Risk

52:20 Chasing Metrics

1:00:13 Developing around Individuality

1:04:07 Hip Movement / Rotation

1:17:27 Good Coaching

1:25:27 Ground Reaction Forces

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