Pitch Strong: ArmCare’s New Pitch Count Guidelines (Episode #6)

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Throwing injuries, specifically for the elbow, are at the highest level they have ever been in baseball.  The problem doesn’t seem to be decreasing and players ages 15-19 are the most susceptible.

It appears that part of the problem is that there is a general lack of awareness of the overuse issue in baseball. For example, a recent study showed that 92% of coaches don’t follow current pitch count guidelines. But we also feel that some things are currently overlooked in managing workloads, especially for younger athletes. And as athletes throw harder, there needs to be a better understanding of the progression and proper recovery in their schedule.

In this episode, Ryan and Jordan cover the Pitch Strong Guidelines and detail the updates needed to protect young players.

Show Notes:

1:30– The major injury problem in baseball

3:41– The honest truth on pitch counts at all levels of baseball

6:36– Introduction to ArmCare’s new pitch count guidelines

8:10– The need for an early season ramp-up

13:30– Why pitch counts need to start early and when to start player pitch

18:34– Why max pitch counts need to be lower for younger pitchers (13 years old)

20:47– Practical changes to reduce player workloads

25:32– Wave loading explained

30:30- References

30:30- Research References:

31:51– Pitch count examples in the real world

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