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September 18, 2022

The ArmCare Road Show Goes to the University of Florida

Strength in Numbers #63

 I first wanted to thank everyone who reads our newsletters.  This past month has been so rewarding to receive emails from people who are learning new things, applying, asking questions, and being engaged.   

For anyone in any industry, the feeling of being recognized and appreciated is such an excellent feeling, and our company is truly grateful for sharing those sentiments.   We typically don’t make people’s statements public, but we must share this testimonial because it’s someone who experienced our on-site education, formed a deep connection with the information presented, and invited so many people in to listen to us and benefit from our teachings.

“The ArmCare Specialist Certification Course is a very detailed course that matches up with the philosophy I have as an Athletic Trainer.  This certification course give you all of the details you need to fully understand the implementation of the ArmCare platform and how to best utilize the data obtained.  The evidence-based information ArmCare has used to develop their platform and certification course allows me to make an all-encompassing approach to healthcare with the subjective, objective and performance data. The instant data you receive from the dynamometers allows you, your coaches, and strength & conditioning coaches to adjust an individual’s program so you can manage their volume daily, weekly, and monthly. Their coaches platform is easy to navigate and allows you to view your entire team’s data.  I would recommend this platform and certification to any overhead sport clinician who manages shoulder and elbow injuries.”

Now here’s the catch, he said our education is recommended to any overhead sports clinician who manages shoulder and elbow injuries.  What was profound was that we educated most of the baseball staff, which included the following coaches: Taylor BlackDavid Kopp, and Zach Cronin, who is the team’s Player Development and Data Analyst.  Then, Jarrett also invited sports medicine officials from swim, tennis, softball, and lacrosse. 

I won’t lie, but I was a little intimidated by the Gators’ Video Theatre.  Most of the seats were full, and myself being a baseball guy, I wasn’t sure how our information would relate, and then… 

We quickly realized that everyone has the same throwing arm problems.  

Swimmers have greater internal rotation strength than external rotation strength and experience shoulder impingement and rotator cuff tendonitis.   

Tennis serves are recorded for velocity and volume, but strength is not evaluated afterward.   

Lacrosse shots also have velocity examined but the multi-angle dimension of their shooting actions requires an understanding of bilateral rotation and bilateral shoulder strength, as both may become imbalanced, or having weakness in the long-lever position may impact their ability to decelerate a shot after all the speed and moment leading up to it.   

There was also a sports scientist in the room.  While I thought he wasn’t paying attention at all as he taped away at his computer (I admit during my MLB days, I sometimes would be reviewing data on our players during presentations for fear of missing an important observation), he was actually locked in and writing notes.   Silence was not an option among this group. 

Sharing and respecting others’ opinions were of the essence, and we learned so much about other sports through their discussions and the excitement of onboarding our products and training methods.  

The conversation led to another commonplace being rotation.  All the sports represented involve rotation to transfer energy through the shoulder.

However, the way it was predominately being coached was focused on acceleration versus deceleration.  We had a great discussion on how to properly load the thoracic spine and prepare the stretch of the midsection through stability and motor control, and not tissue extensibility that often leads to oblique tears.  It was an all-around great experience with great people.  

And while I cannot speak about what the additional 3-hour meeting we had with the baseball team was about, I will say that what they do as a program has the robustness of what I have seen at the MLB level as far as data analytics (point guy being Zach).   

We enjoyed learning from Coach Black’s critical eye through his his long-term scouting background matched with Coach Kopp, who shared real world insights as he played with the Cardinals when I was with the team. 

There’s a great blend of communication, and it was full circle when Jarrett came up to the office with his son as he didn’t want to miss out on our post-game conversations. If you could have been a fly on the wall, you would be truly amazed and impressed by not only the facilities but the people who run them.

A picture of the Gators Video Theatre in the underground of the UF Baseball Stadium complete with a big screen projector, whiteboard, and a room full of intellectually curious people. 

Have a great weekend all, and please keep the endorsements coming. 

We love them and appreciate them immensely as we keep on the path of STRENGTH MATTERS MOST!