Tom House, The Mustard App, & Pitching Development (More Than Velocity #12)

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In this episode of More Than Velocity, we are honored to share this wide-reaching conversation with Tom House and Dean Doxakis from National Pitching Association. In this episode, we talk about the long history of pitching development, the latest from their Mustard App, along with tons of insights on producing stronger and healthier pitchers.

To learn more about The Mustard App at

Plus, check out the National Pitching Association at

Show Notes & Highlights:

4:05- Get to Know Mustard App

13:00- The evolution & acceptance of Tom House

14:15- “Key’s to the Big League Kingdom,” as told by Warren Spahn

16:45- The integration of using technology and vision

20:20- 85% of coaching pitching happens before foot strike

23:26- The simple teach for coaching delivery: GFF, Eyes Level, Firm Frontside, Drag Your Backfoot

24:50- “You’re better off getting no information than getting bad information when it comes to efficient mechanics.”

(*Our Ben Brewster/Tread Athletics Podcast is coming soon)

29:20- Absolute vs. Functional Strength

34:44- A unique way to get players motivated to hit the gym

36:00- How does NPA use weighted balls to increase velocity

41:50- ArmCare IQ on run and gun throwing:

42:00- Insight on developing strength and balance with various training tools

51:35- “Arm speed without functional arm strength is a recipe for disaster.”

55:50- The reason why you need to be holding onto or gripping something with band work

56:40- Balancing stress going out and stress going in

1:00:00- Eccentric, Isometric, and “Shake & Bake” Exercises

1:07:00- Turning rehab into prehab


Learn more at ARMCARE.COM.

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