Why Pitchers Need Lower Body Training (Episode #5)

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Why Pitchers Need Lower Body Training

Ryan Crotin and Jordan Oseguera explain why lower body strength training is crucial to performing on the mound.  From fixing the kinetic chain to handling peak torque, a strong lower half matters.  

Extra Content: Why Your Arm Care Program Needs Lower Body Training

Show Notes:

1:36– The relationships between ground reaction forces and velocity.

3:24– How lower body mechanics contribute to pitching

5:16– How should pitchers train their legs?

7:35– How can we use lower body strength measurements to determine a player’s readiness and fatigue.

8:23– Mistakes and what’s missing with leg and core work

12:10– Do players need to stretch their abs?

14:50– The 3-S System of Performance

17:01– Don’t skip leg day…how to periodized lower body training for pitchers

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