The Future

of Arm Care

The Arm Care App uses objective data and player feedback to build a hyper-personalized training plan.

ArmCare Key Metrics

A New Analytics Frontier in Player Development.

Track Your Improvement

See your progress and be confident that your hard work is paying off.


Know Where You Stand

Want to know how your strength compares to the average high school, collegiate, and professional player? With the Benchmark screen you will.


Are You Ready to Start a Velocity Program?

The Velocity Screen is an 20-point arm diagnostic that analyzes arm health and strength to assess your body’s ability to handle the stress of a weighted ball velocity program.

Regular use of the ArmCare app, strength tests and range of motion assessments in combination with meeting our velocity screen standards, you will be able to minimize your risk of injury while increasing velocity.

Arm Care That Strengthens More Than Your Arm

Research has shown that powerful hips & core contribute to velocity and help protect your arm from injury. Assessment Based Arm Care strengthens the glutes and core  through functional training that addresses every link in the kinetic chain.

Advanced Testing Equipment for a Fraction of the Cost

Medical-grade strength testing devices usually cost over a thousand dollars. The ground breaking Activ5 dynamometer is just as accurate and at a price anyone can afford.

customized for you

Training Equipment & Resistances

The Arm Care app uses your own strength metrics to optimize your resistance. The Arm Care Training Bundle delivers the perfect resistance to get results fast.

Arm Care Training Plans Include:


Be ready to perform at your best. Prep combines a muscle activation primer with individualized mobility programs for arm soreness & high throwing workloads to restore proper movement and range of motion


Recovery faster. The programs include a number of recovery strategies including active recovery exercises, nutrition, hydration and sleep.


Strengthen your weak links. Using player feedback & exams results, the Arm Care App delivers custom programs that strengthen weak or imbalanced areas as well as building functional strength throughout the kinetic chain. 


The Hybrid training days are a combination of strength and recovery and are used to deliver functional strengthening that doesn’t specifically target the rotator cuff muscles.