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Shoulder strength and range of motion tests are used by all 30 Major League Baseball Organizations.

Research has shown that these tests are linked to performance metrics like velocity and accuracy as well as  risk of injury. 

Ready to start a Velocity Program?

The Velocity Screen is an 18-point arm diagnostic that analyzes arm health and strength to assess your body’s ability to handle the stress of a high intent velocity program. 

Arm Care.

Fully customized warm up, strength and recovery arm care programs
Simple daily program with delivered to your phone.

AC Engine- The brains under the hood. Analyzes several inputs to delivery the right exercises at the right time.

Cutting edge testing
& Training equipment
Use what the pros use. As accurate and more reliable than expensive medical testing equipment.

Attack your weaknesses. Built in referrals. Benchmark- rank yourself against collegiate and pros.

Level Testing

App Guided Exam Can be done
at home. Monitor changes & make adjustments Measure what matters.