ArmCare Strength Sensor

The equipment you need to complete your arm exams:

  • Strength & Range of Motion Sensor
  • Wrist Strap
  • Harness Strap
  • Measuring Tape
  • Case

Does not include a subscription to the ArmCare app.

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    • Athletic (High School)


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Bulletproof Your Arm

Throw harder and stay healthy using the ArmCare Strength Sensor. Use your shoulder strength and range of motion data to create individualized arm care training. Training that will maximize your arm strength and velocity.

Get Results Fast

Measure What Matters

We use your strength, fatigue and recovery data to unlock huge velocity gains. The ArmCare App tells you exactly what training you need to do today – so you see results fast.


Accelerate Gains, Limit Setbacks

Using a data-led approach to individualize training allows players to reduce setbacks and improve faster than ever.


Bulletproof Arm Guarantee

At, we guarantee players will gain 4 mph in 10 weeks or we will refund your full subscription. All we ask is that you use the app and complete the training.


Let’s Fix That

The daily check-in feature gives insight to how your arm & body are feeling.

In real time, the app will deliver custom stretches and releases to address your problem areas.


Track your Progress

The app will monitor your improvement and alert you when adjustments are needed. See your strength & velocity gains every week.


Training Equipment Bundle

All the equipment you need to complete your hyper-personalized Arm Care programs everyday.
Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System

  • 4 Crossover Cords
  • Training Guide
  • Exercise Chart
  • Chart Clip Hanger
  • Drawstring Backpack
Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System

  • Hip & Core Band
  • Hip & Core Chart
  • Training Guide (PDF)
Weighted Plyo Ball

  • 1 Plyo Ball

Resistance Recommendation

These are general recommendations & you should make adjustments based upon your individual strength.


The Novice level is recommended for most players ages 8-13 or players with external rotation strength that is less than 21 lbs. of force.

Resistances included:
3 lb. (green) cords
10 lb. (yellow) cords
Light (yellow) hip/core band
1 lb. (yellow) plyo ball
The Athletic level is recommended for most high school aged players or players with external rotation strength between 21-38 lbs. of force.
Resistances included:
7 lb. (purple) cords
15 lb. (red) cords
Medium (red) hip/core band
2 lb. (red) plyo ball
The Elite level is recommended for most collegiate & professional players or players with external rotation strength exceeding 39 lbs. of force.
Resistances included:
10 lb. (yellow) cords
25 lb. (blue) cords
Heavy (blue) hip/core band
4 lb. (blue) plyo ball

Complete Development Package

The Complete Development Package includes all resistances options for use with players of all ages & strength levels. This is perfect for teams, facilities, and families who want the flexibility to adjust the resistance as strength improves.

Resistances included:

Crossover Cords:
Green: 3 lbs | Purple: 7 lbs | Yellow: 10 lbs
Red: 15 lbs | Blue: 25 lbs

Hip & Core Bands:
Yellow: Light | Red: Medium | Blue: Heavy

Plyo Balls:
Yellow: 1 lb | Red: 2 lbs | Blue: 4 lbs