Coaches Portal

Monitor arm health and track development of every player from one central hub.

Build a bulletproof pitching rotation – with individualized arm care & training you don’t have to create.

What’s included:
Coach’s Web Portal  | Coach’s Testing Mobile App

Mobile app is IOS only at this point.



Monitor Your Entire Team At A Glance

Monitor Fatigue, the #1 Risk Factor for Injury

Advanced fatigue monitoring with daily alerts helps you  identify fatigue early and prevent injuries before they happen.

At a glance, know who who needs to reduce their throwing workloads or take time off, or who is ready to push performance with a velocity program.

Track player progress and improvement

Whether you see a player every day or they train a thousand miles away, see weekly test results, player feedback, performance analytics and trends in seconds.

Know what custom training each player is doing and why.

Turn your organization into a high end performance lab

All the data is there – every exam rep, workout, daily check in, and soreness reported (including location) is quantified and available to you for analysis.

Want to test one training program against another? With the coaches portal, you will have quantifiable data to know which program is superior and why.

Automatically earn revenue for your team

The armcare app team pricing structure is designed to share revenue with your team or organization.

Contact to learn how.