Team Package

Test, Track, and Train every arm on your team for maximum health & velocity gains.  Complete weekly strength exams, identify weak links, monitor for fatigue, and receive individualized training.

Best for collegiate, high school & travel teams

What’s included:

  • (1) ActivForce Strength & ROM Sensor $200 (20% off)
  • 1 yr. Coaches Portal Access
  • (10) 1 yr. Player App Subscriptions
  • 20% Discount off equipment (Coaches Portal)

Minimum of 10 players – add additional players as needed

Add more players for $72 / year


Baseball players are limiting their velocity potential and increasing injury risk by not assessing their arm health. The Arm Care App will guide players through a shoulder strength and range of motion exam to create individualized arm care programs designed to build stronger, more durable arms.


Player Report

After every exam, automatically receive a detailed player report highlighting:

– Where you are strong and where you need to focus your training to fix weak links.
– If you are ready for a Velocity Program
– Any signs of fatigue (strength or ROM changes) that need to be addressed and
– How your strength compares to your peers and those at the next level


Arm Strength Testing Equipment

​The Activ5 dynamometer (with testing straps) pairs directly to your iPhone app via bluetooth. Using the app guided exam, the dynamometer quickly and accurately measures rotator cuff strength. Giving you the data you need to develop a strong and healthy arm.


12 Month Access

A full year of Arm Care training that is customized to your individual needs everyday. Player Level Access to the Arm Care App includes Assessments, Report Cards, Velocity Program Readiness, Benchmark strength comparisons to High School, College and Pro players as well as Customized Training. Everything you need to build a healthy, durable arm.


Get the Major League Treatment

​There’s a reason why all 30 MLB Organizations test shoulder strength & range of motion. Research has shown that these tests are linked to performance metrics like velocity & accuracy as well as risk of injury.