Essentials Package

Everything you need to complete your Arm Care testing, plus full access and use of every player feature of the Arm Care Mobile App and Web Platform.

– 1 Year Membership Included.

– Testing Kit Included.

Mobile app is IOS only.


What’s Included

Arm Strength Testing Equipment. A digital dynomometer and attachment straps. The dynomometer pairs directly to the phone app via bluetooth. During each exam, the dynomometer measures rotator cuff and scapular muscle strength.
Double sided Range of Motion Chart. Quickly measure your internal & external range of motion for both your throwing and non-throwing arms with this vinyl, life-size chart. Changes in Range of Motion are key signs of fatigue and imbalances that should be addressed immediately.
A full year subscription to the Arm Care App. This allows you to access all the Player features on the app – including Exams, Report Cards, Daily Check-Ins, as well as Custom Prep, Strength & Recover Work.
You will need the Exam Testing Equipment to complete an exam with the app.

Your exam test results are vital to generating your Custom Arm Care and to monitor fatigue and weakness that may arise over the course of a season.  The sooner you identify these issues, the faster you can fix them.

Our Guarantee

After 10 years of testing and working with athletes at every level, we know that nearly every baseball player who implements proper Arm Care sees results. If after 30 days, you are not fully satisfied; simply contact support for a no-hassle refund.