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Get the most out of your Velocity Enhancement Program by using our ThrowFuzz Checklist to safely increase & sustain velocity.

It is well known that increased layback of the throwing arm is a major adaptation from using weighted balls. The problem is that weighted ball research does not show increased arm strength with the increases in layback range of motion.

It is like pulling a catapult back further and further, but the springs are still weak.

The ThrowFuzz Checklist is your roadmap to accelerate velocity gains through boosting arm strength, shoulder balance, total body strength, and lower body power. This removes any weak links in transferring energy from the ground to your throwing arm.
Checklist includes 3 page PDF with access to a 25 minute instructional video from Dr. Ryan Crotin who has worked in Major League Baseball for 9 years as a biomechanist, sports scientist & strength coach.

The ThrowFuzz Checklist offers data-led velocity enhancement benchmarks to determine when an athlete is ready for a velocity program and what they need to do to have the ultimate success in gaining and sustaining velocity.