Pitching Biomechanist Course 


Blend strength analytics for the throwing arm with 3D motion capture metrics to optimize the pitching delivery & expedite performance.

This course provides a systematic roadmap to evaluate 3D motion capture & determine how to reinforce current mechanics, or when to adjust them.

A must for anyone working with baseball pitchers who want to get the most out of their coaching, training & rehabilitation programs.



 When it comes to coaching mechanics, any change in the kinetic chain has a consequence, sometimes promoting performance and other times increasing injury risk.

Coaches need to be aware that taking the wrong coaching approach, especially when adjusting athletes’ motor preferences when they do not have any pain or poor performance, can result in significant injury and can lose trust from athletes and their organizations.

In 2023, we bring to you our Certified Pitching Biomechanics Course that compliments our Certified ArmCare Specialist Course in giving you the necessary tools to systematically optimize the pitching delivery through our Strength and Coordination Decision Tree - blending arm strength and 3D motion capture metrics.

Extensive education: over 10 sections comprised of 30+ videos

Understand key details in the delivery that can impact efficiency and increase injury risk from toes to finger tips.

Comprehend a clear algorithm to address pain and poor performance that involves improvement in strength and length along with achieving optimization benchmarks to maximize performance and injury protection.

Work through case studies to determine what training approaches to take on and gain familiarity in understanding potential changes in graphical data that warrant greater hyper-personalization in training.

Learn deep insights into the kinematic sequence, the order of peak speeds across segments in the delivery, to determine when athletes need acceleration, deceleration, or rhythmic training to maximize health, velocity and command.

Learn critical throwing arm kinematics and kinetic data to better understand how to train the throwing arm to handle abrupt changes in position from stride foot contact through to maximal internal rotation of the throwing arm after ball release.

Acquire deep understanding of how to algorithmically train athletes based on both strength and biomechanical data that guides coaches in making the best possible coaching decisions after athletes have experienced pain or poor performance.

Be the ultimate Pitching Biomechanist-generalist that will allow you to fix physical and mechanical problems as well as gain a stronger understanding of how optimization factors can be used in scouting and collegiate recruiting.

Course Curriculum

The ArmCare Pitching Biomechanist Course includes 10 online course modules worth 9.5 contact hours of continuing education

About Ryan Crotin


Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Executive Vice President of ArmCare.com focusing on global adoption of individualized training and assessment through a data-led approach. He also is the driving force behind ArmCareU and the ArmCare Elite community, being a comprehensive educational stream and network to advance baseball health and performance.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying fatigue-induced movement compensations in baseball pitchers.His post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania focused on joint function and biomechanics to determine potential causes of throwing injuries.

His latest position in MLB was Director of Performance Integration for the Los Angeles Angels overseeing strength and conditioning efforts and sport science to apply physiologic-based data to improve the way athletes are coached, receive clinical care, and scouting as it relates to athletic profiling for the amateur draft.

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