4 MPH Guarantee

With nearly 30,000 players using ArmCare - we know exactly how to gain velocity.


Our Promise - You will gain at least 4 MPH in max pitching velocity within 10 weeks of starting the ArmCare.com program – or your money back.

To qualify for this guarantee, you must:

Complete a fresh exam & post throwing exam at least once a week

Complete the ArmCare Training: 5+ times per week that is prescribed by the app

Abide by all app alerts (watches, warning, or medical referrals) by reducing throwing & other adjustments during the 10 week period

You are NOT eligible for this guarantee if:

You are a professional athlete (sorry amateurs only.)

If your max pitching velocity is already above 90 mph (you should still get velocity gains but we can’t promise 4 mph.)

You’ve undergone surgery to the hand, arm, elbow or shoulder of the throwing arm prior to starting.

If you do the work, and don’t gain 4 MPH simply return the ArmCare Sensor and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The Details

ArmCare.com will refund only the amount a qualified player has paid to ArmCare.com for subscriptions and equipment.

ArmCare.com is not liable for any additional costs, expenditures or losses that a player may incur.

Refunds on equipment purchases require the equipment to be returned to ArmCare.com in good condition.

Players must notify ArmCare.com within 2 weeks of the 10 week deadline to be eligible for the refund due to insufficient velocity gains.