Throw Harder, Stay Healthy

The ArmCare App delivers data-led training to gain velocity and protect your arm. 


Build a Stronger More Durable Arm

The App tests Shoulder Strength & ROM to deliver custom Arm Care Programs.


Learn How The ArmCare App Works

Stop Guessing & Start Assessing

The Arm Care App builds a hyper-personalized training plan that targets the weaknesses and imbalances that impact arm health and limit your velocity.

1. Test

Accurately test your shoulder strength & range of motion at home in 4 minutes.

2. Train

Get Arm Care training programs, customized for you, delivered daily to your phone.

3. Monitor

The app tracks your improvement & monitors arm fatigue to optimize your arm care in real time.

Accurately Test Shoulder Strength & Range of Motion

The Arm Care App pairs with the ActivForce strength dynamometer to accurately test your shoulder strength and range of motion. 

Sore Arm?
Let’s Fix That

In real time, the Arm Care App will deliver custom stretches and exercises to address sore or tight areas.

Build a Stronger, More Powerful Arm

The Arm Care App uses exam results & daily feedback to deliver custom arm care to help your build a stronger, more powerful arm.

The app monitors your arm health and then adjusts your training so you feel strong all season.

See the ArmCare App in Action

Crush Your Velocity Limiters

Traditional arm care programs don’t help you identify & strengthen the weak links that are impacting your arm health and velocity.


The Arm Care App will target your weak & restricted areas to unlock your velocity potential.

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Arm Care Package

Includes the ActivForce and 1 year membership to the App.


The App

Go to the App Store & download the app. Only available on IOS at this time.


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The Login details will be emailed to you immediately after purchasing. 

Backed by Research

Learn the science behind each test and the potential impact on your arm

8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Velocity

Free PDF includes: MPH gained, Risk Levels & Velo Program Checklist 

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