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Test, Track, and Train every arm on your team for maximum health & velocity gains. Complete weekly strength exams, identify weak links, monitor for fatigue, and receive individualized training.

What’s included:
1 yr. Coaches Portal Access ($300 value)
(20) 1 yr. Player App Subscriptions ($900 value)
20% Discount off equipment ( thru Coaches Portal)

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Become an ArmCare Expert with our nationally accredited certification course.

Learn from Dr. Ryan Crotin who has had 12 years experience in throwing arm force testing to prevent injuries and maximize performance.
Give yourself a competitive advantage by customizing arm care and throwing workloads using ArmCare.

What’s included:
(1) Enrollment for Certified ArmCare Specialist Course ($999 value)
(1) ArmCare Strength Sensor ($250 value)
1 Year Coaches Portal Access ($300 value)
(20) 1yr. Player App Subscriptions ($900 value)
20 minute Private Tutoring with ArmCare Expert ($200 value)
20% Discount off all equipment

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