ArmCare Coaches Portal
ArmCare Coaches Portal
ArmCare Coaches Portal
ArmCare Coaches Portal
ArmCare Coaches Portal
ArmCare Coaches Portal

ArmCare Coaches Portal


Monitor arm health and track development of every player from one central hub.

Build a bulletproof pitching rotation – with individualized arm care & training you don’t have to create.

 The Coaches Portal allows you to:

  • Monitor all your players on one screen (no matter where they are.)
  • Quickly test players without logging in and out of the app. 
  • See detailed analytics, trends, metrics for every player, exam, and training session.


- 1 Year access to Coaches Portal. 
- 1 Year access to Coaches Mobile App.

The Coaches Portal is primarily a web application but does include additional features in the ArmCare App. 

Coaches at every level are making better game time decisions using data from the ArmCare App.

Get Results Fast

Measure What Matters

We use your strength, fatigue and recovery data to unlock huge velocity gains. The ArmCare App tells you exactly what training you need to do today – so you see results fast.


Accelerate Gains, Limit Setbacks

Using a data-led approach to individualize training allows players to reduce setbacks and improve faster than ever.

We Know It Works

Bulletproof Arm Guarantee

At, we guarantee players will gain 4 mph in 10 weeks or we will refund your full subscription. All we ask is that you use the app and complete the training.

Sore Arm?

Let’s Fix That

The daily check-in feature gives insight to how your arm & body are feeling.

In real time, the app will deliver custom stretches and releases to address your problem areas.

Make Adjustments

Track your Progress

The app will monitor your improvement and alert you when adjustments are needed. See your strength & velocity gains every week.