Bulletproof Arm - Maximizing ArmCare
Bulletproof Arm - Maximizing ArmCare


Maximizing ArmCare


The Maximizing ArmCare course is an introduction to holistic arm health and performance. Participants will learn to monitor fatigue, adjust workloads, and optimize player development using the ArmCare platform. This foundational course empowers students to mitigate injury risks and elevate performance, preparing them for further detailed exploration in subsequent courses.

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Runtime: 65 minutes

Ideal For: Coaches, Parents, Players

Individualize Training To Optimize Health & Performance

This introductory course serves as the important first steps in protecting athletes’ throwing arms.

This course will communicate ArmCare.com strategies for optimizing throwing arm strength, range of motion and mechanics.

The certificate course had been designed to reduce overuse injuries by managing fatigue, recovery and weakness to optimize training.

Learn why the motto, “Strength Matters Most” is a mantra that everyone in baseball should acknowledge and be concerned with as it relates to competitive performance and athlete wellness.

Understand why greater maximum strength capacity is a major contributor to maintaining performance, minimizing recovery needs and reducing fatigue.

Identify key contributors to fatigue and why we state, “Fatigue is the Enemy” in raising injury risks among throwing athletes.

Gain perspective about how to prevent injuries before they actually occur across a strength spectrum leading to biomechanical compensation – movements that occur when the throwing arm is fatigued that increases loading on the shoulder and elbow above what they can tolerate.

Understand the flow and key considerations in how athletes are assessed using ArmCare’s screening process on a daily basis, exam schedules, and evaluations offered through premium app functionality.

Learn important viewpoints on the current state of pitch counts and how adjustments need to be considered based on biological age, velocity enhancement, growth stages, tournament play and more.

About Ryan Crotin


Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Executive Vice President of ArmCare.com focusing on global adoption of individualized training and assessment through a data-led approach. He also is the driving force behind ArmCareU and the ArmCare Elite community, being a comprehensive educational stream and network to advance baseball health and performance.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying fatigue-induced movement compensations in baseball pitchers.His post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania focused on joint function and biomechanics to determine potential causes of throwing injuries.

His latest position in MLB was Director of Performance Integration for the Los Angeles Angels overseeing strength and conditioning efforts and sport science to apply physiologic-based data to improve the way athletes are coached, receive clinical care, and scouting as it relates to athletic profiling for the amateur draft.

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