Bulletproof Arm - Eliminating Arm Pain & Soreness
Bulletproof Arm - Eliminating Arm Pain & Soreness


Eliminating Arm Pain & Soreness


The course empowers you and your athletes when dealing with arm pain. Discover the primary causes of arm soreness & injuries. Learn essential strategies to manage and prevent throwing arm pain. Know when to seek medical intervention and how to effectively reintroduce athletes back to the field.

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Runtime: 100 minutes

Ideal For: Coaches, Parents, Players

Durability is the Most Important Ability.

Over 50% of all baseball players will miss playing time as a result of a throwing arm injury, but all players at some point in their career will experience throwing arm stiffness, soreness and pain.

This course provides the do’s and don'ts around managing arm stiffness, soreness and pain. You will understand how injuries happen from a strength and mechanical perspective.  Gain insights on what you need to see in the data to make the throwing arm more durable.  Identify pain points in the throwing delivery that may be further contributing to dysfunction.

Ultimately, this course is the strongest preventive approach to avoid any time lost due to injury.

The education provided in this course is critical for anyone involved in the sport of baseball meaning players, parents, coaches and league officials..

Lean a clear process to address arm pain and soreness.

Understand causes of muscular imbalances that contribute to throwing arm injuries along with their data-led influences.

Learn causes of growth plate injuries that plague most athletes throughout the developmental years.

Apply the 48-Hour Rule to act when athletes have pain, soreness, stiffness, or dysfunction that could lead to more significant injuries.

Identify painful areas of the throwing arm and their mechanisms  related to  arm path changes, rotation, and ground reaction force.

Determine when to act medically and not delay recovery, treatment, or other means to reduce risks of more extensive injury.

Support any athlete at any age and be their strongest resource and advocate in minimizing their risk of injury and maximizing career longevity and consistent performance.

About Ryan Crotin


Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Executive Vice President of ArmCare.com focusing on global adoption of individualized training and assessment through a data-led approach. He also is the driving force behind ArmCareU and the ArmCare Elite community, being a comprehensive educational stream and network to advance baseball health and performance.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying fatigue-induced movement compensations in baseball pitchers.His post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania focused on joint function and biomechanics to determine potential causes of throwing injuries.

His latest position in MLB was Director of Performance Integration for the Los Angeles Angels overseeing strength and conditioning efforts and sport science to apply physiologic-based data to improve the way athletes are coached, receive clinical care, and scouting as it relates to athletic profiling for the amateur draft.

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