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ArmCare Advanced Monitoring Services (AMS)

For pitchers and two-way players who have competitive aspirations of playing collegiate or professional baseball, or current professional baseball players who wish to have their own team of specialists focused exclusively on their competitive performance and well-being.

ArmCare’s AMS is headed by Dr. Ryan Crotin and Jordan Oseguera who have over 20 years experience working with professional athletes and have coached and played at all levels of collegiate baseball. Prior to joining, Ryan and Jordan utilized their academic and professional coaching experience to establish a new department for the Los Angeles Angels in 2019 called Performance Integration, which delivered a rigorous, multifaceted, monitoring platform that improved health, readiness, lifestyle habits, workload, biomechanics and competitive performance metrics through individualized player plans.

Performance Integration Highlights:

Reduced injured list days for all pitchers by approximately 50%

Reduced injured list days for MLB pitchers by 65% with no in-season surgeries for two seasons

Advanced athletic and biomechanical profiling for the MLB Amateur Draft

Reduced injured list days for all pitchers by approximately 50%

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The ArmCare’s AMS team will evaluate a Player Response Survey (completed by the athlete) to determine the best course of action. A 15-minute consultation will follow to clarify goals and objectives to ensure success.

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Meet Our AMS Team

Ryan is the Vice President of and is a multi-dimensional sports scientist, coach, educator, and research author. Ryan started his coaching career as an assistant coach for the University at Buffalo’s baseball team where he assisted in strength and conditioning and was a first base coach. He later was hired by the St. Louis Cardinals as a short-season strength coach working in Batavia, New York in 2007.

In his first year coaching professional athletes the team did not have any surgical injuries and won the New York Penn League Championship. In 2012, Ryan was hired by the Baltimore Orioles as the Roving Coordinator, Assistant MLB Strength Coach, and Athletic Performance Analyst. He was involved in training healthy and injured athletes at the MLB level, ensured strength and conditioning approaches were uniform throughout the organization, identified injury trends, evaluated athletic performance by position and completed specialized projects as assigned by the Vice President of Baseball Operations.

Ryan later was hired by the Los Angeles Angels as the Player Performance Coordinator that included overseeing the minor league strength and conditioning program, athletic profiling in scouting and transfer of training science. From this position, Ryan was promoted to the Director of Performance Integration for the team and directed the organization’s strength and conditioning and sports science efforts with a focus on improving athletic qualities that transfer to on-field performance, evaluating talent, and created and oversaw the organization’s multidimensional monitoring platform for athletes called the 360 Athlete Approach. For all positions, injury list days were reduced by 40% and within pitchers, injury list days were reduced by 50%, 65% at the MLB level with no surgical injuries for two years.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying altered stride lengths in baseball pitchers, reflecting lower body movement compensations, and their biomechanical and physiologic effects on baseball pitching performance. Ryan was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in studying throwing arm health and was a main contributor in starting the Penn Throwing Clinic which provided biomechanical screening and musculoskeletal evaluations for throwing athletes in the greater Philadelphia area. Ryan has a passion to enrich the baseball world and is on a mission to ensure player development considers individual needs for performance enhancement and to make baseball a much safer sport for athletes of all ages.

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