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You've taken the first step towards smarter, more effective arm care and training.

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This video will give you a quick walkthrough of how to:

Navigate the app’s key features

Understand and utilize the metrics for arm strength, recovery, and fatigue

Track your progress and adjust your training based on real-time data


Maximize Your Training with the Right Tools

To gather the transformative data that our app provides, you'll need access to an ArmCare Strength Sensor. If your coach already has one, great! You’re all set to start. If not, no worries—you can easily get one here. This sensor is key to producing the game-changing insights that can elevate your performance.


Gear Up

Training is more than just technique—it's also about having the right gear. Alongside the Strength Sensor, we offer a range of training equipment tailored to support your arm care and enhance your training sessions.

Upgrade to Premium

Upgrade to Premium

Upgrade for only $45.99/year to unlock advanced features & metrics to help you get better, faster. Upgrade to premium using the in-app upgrade on your apple device. 


Learn More With Our Courses

Want to dive deeper and truly master the technology? We provide comprehensive courses that will teach you how to leverage our technology effectively to boost your performance. Start learning today at our courses page.

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