ArmCare Specialist Course - Updated 2024
ArmCare Specialist Course - Updated 2024

ArmCare Specialist Course - Updated 2024


Advance throwing health, velocity and command using player-led dynamometry and range of motion testing.

Learn new key metrics and how to integrate them into customized programs for your athletes.  A must for any coach or clinician.

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ArmCare Specialist Certification

Become An Expert In Data-Led Player Development

Designed to Advance Assessment & Training Practices

We are focused on teaching you how to improve throwing arm performance and health through creating individualized training programs based on dynamometry and range of motion assessments. Fatigue is the number one injury risk factor associated with throwing arm injuries as it causes weakness and compensation in throwing delivery. A program implemented without assessment may add to fatigue and create further strength deficits that can reduce resistance to throwing stress and cause poor performance.

Arm strength and range of motion are evaluated through 6 important measures focused on relative strength, shoulder balance, strength velocity ratios, arm fatigue, arm recovery and arm readiness. By having advanced knowledge of these ground breaking metrics, coaches, sports medicine specialists and athletes will be able to make the right decisions in adjusting training and workload and establish a strong performance process through our Player-First Approach that organizes observation, communication, implementation and evaluation of data.

Once complete, you will be a Certified ArmCare Specialist and be able to present your credentials publicly. The credential tells people that you are a baseball performance professional that deeply understands how to monitor the throwing arm and thinks critically in making throwing and training program adjustments to guide athletes in reaching their dreams.

Extensive education: over 9 sections comprised of 30+ videos

Learn how to formulate an effective and streamlined monitoring, communication, individualized training and evaluation process for your athletes

Comprehend multi-dimensional monitoring criteria called Key Performance Metrics and how training and throwing programs are adjusted based on data

Master testing procedures that involve fixed dynamometry including testing frequencies to ensure continuous and consistent measurements

Learn about watch, warning and medical alerts concerning relative strength, shoulder balance, strength velocity ratios, arm fatigue and arm recovery measures

Learn how to use an athlete management system to decrease time to action and access raw data for customized analyses

Acquire deep understanding of how to algorithmically train athletes based on data that includes preparation, strength and recovery practices and templates

Understand our SPEAR training concept that involves new training approaches based on cross-education training research

Separate yourself from your competition in scouting and player development by including strength analytics in player projection and individualized training programs

Course Curriculum

The ArmCare Specialist Course includes 9 online course modules worth 6 contact hours of continuing education

About Ryan Crotin


Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Executive Vice President of focusing on global adoption of individualized training and assessment through a data-led approach. He also is the driving force behind ArmCareU and the ArmCare Elite community, being a comprehensive educational stream and network to advance baseball health and performance.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying fatigue-induced movement compensations in baseball pitchers.His post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania focused on joint function and biomechanics to determine potential causes of throwing injuries.

His latest position in MLB was Director of Performance Integration for the Los Angeles Angels overseeing strength and conditioning efforts and sport science to apply physiologic-based data to improve the way athletes are coached, receive clinical care, and scouting as it relates to athletic profiling for the amateur draft.

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