Bulletproof Arm Series - The Onboarding Master Class – How to Get Team Buy-In
Bulletproof Arm Series - The Onboarding Master Class – How to Get Team Buy-In


The Onboarding Master Class – How to Get Team Buy-In


The Onboarding Master Class is a game-changer in the realm of baseball technology integration. As an expert in the field, I guarantee this course will equip you to inspire adoption of the ArmCare platform, optimize performance and prevent injuries. You'll master data-led strategies and arm-health communications to lead your team to peak performance. This isn't just about technology—it's about empowering your athletes and reshaping the baseball industry.

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Runtime: 75 minutes

Ideal For: Coaches, Parents, Players

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Reap the rewards of integrating the most impactful baseball technology on the market & get everyone onboard quickly & effectively.

Prior to joining ArmCare.com, both Dr. Ryan Crotin and Jordan Oseguera worked together in a specialized department that sat between health, athletic performance, scouting, and injury research called the Performance Integration Department.

They spent an entire offseason communicating with multiple departments including strength, medical, on-field coaches, scouting, and the analytics that entailed integrating new technologies, processes and approaches in eradicating arm injuries and dominating pitching and throwing performance.If you ask them, to say things went smoothly in reducing minor league injured list days across the minor leagues by 52% and 65% at the MLB level where no surgeries occurred to the active roster for 2019 and 2020 would be incorrect.

The breakdown occurred between coaching communication to the athletes and it was quite simple – the message was supposed to be that athletes would be BUILT UP during moments where their arm strength, range of motion and lower body power were suffering, yet the communication between athlete and coach was not rewards seeking, yet loss aversion indicating that the Performance Integration Department would be SHUTTING THEM DOWN. Now when you read the the two phrases them in caps, which one resonates more strongly to your psyche – if you hung on to “SHUT DOWN” more than “BUILT UP” when the staff were busy fixing players over 7-10 days without competing, you are not alone. Our brains are wired for loss aversion.

There is tremendous power in words, and choosing the right communication and delivering it to athletes in a way they understand and see value is critical.

Whether you are a coach, parent, player, strength coach, sports medicine official, or sports scientist, you will see value in this course to define parameters on how to connect, inspire and build value in what you want to accomplish through data-led throwing programs, pitching management, arm care training and more.

Following the completion of the course, you will have confidence in influencing your audience and will lead your players, teams and organizations to greater durability, competitive performance and their enjoyment in the game. This course may be one of the most important courses offered, as getting everyone focused on throwing arm strength and range of motion monitoring will help improve injury statistics which is currently 5 pitchers in 100 having surgery and that 50% of all baseball players, regardless of their position will miss playing time due to an arm injury. The change is not rooted in ArmCare.com – it is up to you and your ability to lead change around you and positively impact the baseball industry.

Learn the frameworks behind ArmCare through the Performance Pyramid Paradigm that will lead conversations and communicate rewards seeking benefits for your athletes.

Understand why greater maximum strength capacity is a major contributor in maintaining performance, minimizing recovery needs and reducing fatigue.

Understand why biomechanics has minimal impact on reducing injuries and why our mantra is “Strength Matters Most”.

Learn how to effectively communicate how “Fatigue is the Enemy”, putting your team on offense in attacking the strength loss, imbalances, and altered throwing patterns as a result of having an arm that cannot handle high demands.

Communicate one of the most pivotal messages to your athletes effective – “One Size Fits None” and integrate how the key metrics in strength and range of motion will allow for you and your team to create individualized throwing arm training and throwing programs.

Familiarize your team in how the ArmCare platform integrates into the daily practice and game schedules and what to expect on Day 1 in taking a Fresh Exam.

Effectively communicate range of motion testing positions that demonstrate changes in athletes’ shoulder joint mobility and the value of what the data provides to hyper-personalized arm care training.

Effectively communicate strength testing positions that demonstrate changes in athletes’ relative throwing arm strength, Strength-Velocity Ratios, Arm Fatigue, Shoulder Balance and Arm Readiness to provide a complete picture to the athlete in terms of what is functioning well and where the athlete needs to work in making their arm Bulletproof.

Tie in the entire buy-in process by following the Racetrack Flow Chart with defined steps on how to connect more effectively with athletes through the WHAT – WHY – HOW – WHAT communication approach. Once mastering this communication approach, you will inspire rewards-seeking behavior from your team and will inspire them to take ownership of their health and performance and be onboard with whatever new player development approaches you throw at them.

Course Overview

Technology integration can be challenging task. If there are too many tools and not enough personnel to be actionable with the data, the perceived value to coaches, athletes and parents will be low. If the technology is too time consuming or technical, you will increase staff burnout, as much of their time will be spent collecting data, aggregating data, analyzing data and finally executing on the data to take the right approach with each individual athlete.

Fortunately, the ArmCare platform solves many pain points, as athletes are autonomous in testing their arm strength and range of motion, and data aggregation and reporting is instantaneous that allows coaches and players to be immediately actionable. Despite ease in monitoring and the previously stated data-led coaching advantages, significant care is required in communication with athletes and parents.

This course is approximately 1 hour and serves as critical background information in how to prepare coaches in communicating the advantages of using the ArmCare.com platform with their entire staff, players, and parents. Similarly, the onboarding course serves as a strong resource for any technology integration by covering the WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHAT communication points and inspires coaches to take ownership on presenting key details around the purpose, approach to monitoring, outcomes, and benefits around onboarding novel technology.

About Ryan Crotin


Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Executive Vice President of ArmCare.com focusing on global adoption of individualized training and assessment through a data-led approach. He also is the driving force behind ArmCareU and the ArmCare Elite community, being a comprehensive educational stream and network to advance baseball health and performance.

Ryan completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo studying fatigue-induced movement compensations in baseball pitchers.His post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania focused on joint function and biomechanics to determine potential causes of throwing injuries.

His latest position in MLB was Director of Performance Integration for the Los Angeles Angels overseeing strength and conditioning efforts and sport science to apply physiologic-based data to improve the way athletes are coached, receive clinical care, and scouting as it relates to athletic profiling for the amateur draft.

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